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M4L Grip Nodes

quadriphonic parameter modulator

M4L Grip Nodes

Grip Nodes allows you to grip 4x/8x Ableton Live’s parameters and to remote them in a XY area. A sequencer is available to let you write your own XY sequence and play it like a loop. Two versions are included : 4 nodes and 8 nodes. This device has been made to manage quadriphonic audio routing through Live Sends but its use can be extended to any other modulable parameter.



Click on the red button to make the Grip lock/unlock buttons appear.
Proceed one after one.
Click on L to unlock (the button turns green, it’s unlocked).
Clik on Live’s parameters to grip them. The parameter’s name should appear.
Once it’s done, click to relock and continue with others.


The modulation will be function of distance from point to Nodes’s centers. Nodes can be moved and you can modify their radius.


Numbers over the plot indicates possible points of the sequence. Type a sequence (numbers separated by spaces), choose a step value and press start.


Live 9+
Max 7+