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M4L Bpm Pop Up Window

keep an eye on tempo

M4L Bpm Pop Up Window

This device allows you to monitor and change the current BPM into a floating window. This way you have the possibility to easily keep an eye on the playing tempo during live set or mixing session. A new bpm can be set and targeted with progressive timing.

Device location

Put the device anywhere on a midi or audio track.


Tempo from 20 to 300 BPM.
Timing from 100 ms to 10 seconds.

Control BPM

Enter BPM with keyboard or mouse. BPM can be controled in the floating window or via the on-track device. Default Live BPM is already working.


Enter a new BPM, choose a time transition and hit the GO! button.

Save / Load Presets

Shift-Click onto preset to save. Click to recall.
# Memory presets don’t actually work well in all situations. Will be fixed with the next update.


Live 9.0.2
Max 6.1.2