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M4L 8 Midi Notes Converter

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M4L 8 Midi Notes Converter

This device is a midi effect made to convert notes coming from midi source (keyboard, surface control, pads, etc …) to a midi instrument. It allow you to quickly identify the received notes and to convert them. No need to modify the source preferences. This device has been thought to work live with an Akai LPD8 and/or various midi pads (ex : Roland SPD, Octapad etc …).

Device location

Put the device as a midi effect before your instrument on a midi track.

In / Out

Just monitor the midi notes in and check the midi notes out conversion. The midi channel is only indicated in a brief monitoring purpose (midi routing inside Ableton can be tricky).


Velocity is by-passed and stays identical from in to out.

Notes Menus

Quick set the note received (send by your controler) you want to be converted and transmitted to the instrument. Eight converters are available, related to the typical hardware design of pads.
Grey menus ▼ notes received

Yellow menus ▼ notes transmitted




Live 9.0.2
Max 6.1.2